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Georgia Power Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

Please contact us at 770-262-1670 or "" to schedule a site visit and to discuss the Georgia Power Commercial Energy Efficiency Program.

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​​​​we come to your business and replace all of your existing bulbs/FIXTURES with energy efficient led bulbs OR fixtures. an easy one-stop led BULB shopping & installATION experience!  and you save up to 90% off your lighting bill!

The prices of LED bulks have dropped dramatically and the types of bulbs and fixtures available have increased at the same time.  NOW is a great time to convert ALL of the lighting in your business to LED and see instant savings from the second they are installed!   We come to your business and do everything.  Install the new lighting and recycle any fluorescent bulbs or tubes.   We can also install LED parking light bulbs that offer up to 90% savings over your existing lighting.