I founded GO2LED.com in 2015 after spending a good amount of time researching Georgia’s burgeoning renewable energy industry.   While Solar Power is an excellent way to save money on your commercial energy bill (and I recommend that you still investigate it), I realized that helping owners convert their businesses entirely to LED lighting was a faster and less expensive way for them to save money.  And converting your business to LED lighting before installing solar panels can result in you purchasing a smaller solar system and saving money there too!

Converting your business to LED bulbs obviously saves you money and time in the long run.  But it also helps the environment by reducing the amount of coal or natural gas your power company uses to produce electricity.  It's no secret that burning coal produces a lot of pollution, but many people don't realize that over 50% of natural gas come from fracking.  And fracking involves pumping millions of gallons of deadly chemicals into the ground under pressure to extract the gas.  And those chemicals threaten our ground water sources.

I pride myself on providing my customers the best possible service and pricing.  “Managing expectations” is something I value in a vendor and I promise to do the same with you.  I will always provide you with the best quality products we can source and be transparent as possible.  I see bad lighting almost every day, and that can put a cloud over everyone in the industry.   So, I will have no problem telling you if i think installing a certain product, etc. is a bad idea that will cause you issues in the long term. 

All we ask from you is that you tell all of your friends and family in the Atlanta area about us and the quality service we provided you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Larry Peck



"LED...   Let Us Show You!"