We are proud of the work we do at GO2LED.  We save our customers money; we save our customers time; and we are helping to save the environment.  And our customers like us too!   Here is what a few of them are saying:

​"Larry was very responsive and completed the job quickly and efficiently. Our congregation is very happy with the new energy efficiency lighting we now have throughout the building.” - Chris W.  Jubilee Christian Church International - NOTE:  We replaced over 400 bulbs in this facility.

"I was very happy with their work, very professional." - Michelle E. - Homeowner

​"We are very happy with our home's LED conversion.  The house is cooler in the summer and our Georgia Power has definitely gone down." - Dan B. - Homeowner

"Our church prides itself on being green and sustainable.  We did a lot of research before converting our buildings to LED lighting.   We are glad we did and the savings in energy and maintenance costs have been substantial."  - Richard K. - Atlanta area church (name withheld by request). - NOTE:  We replaced over 650 bulbs in this facility.

"I was very happy with the work GO2LED did on my house.  I love the new lighting and the lower power bill that comes with it." - Celia K. - Homeowner

​"We replaced 84 CFL bulbs inside and outside our office with all LED bulbs.  The office is brighter and we love the fact that the LED bulbs are instant-on and don't need to warm up like the CFL's they replaced.  We are extremely happy that GO2LED reached out to us about converting our office." - Donald C. - Small business owner.

"Larry and his team did a great job during the conversion.  Everything went smoothly and there was no disruption to our guests.  I highly recommend using GO2LED.com to convert your facility to LED lighting." - JoAnn P. - Hotel General Manager